Pattern Analytics


In healthcare it's common to treat a symptom or individual condition without consideration of other known or unknown conditions.  In fact, multiple conditions often create management challenges that require uncommon coordination among primary care physicians and specialists.    

  • Chronic Sinusitis
    • Pills often suppress symptoms, but there are often other treatment options which may reduce or limit future morbidity.
  • Chronic back pain
    • Pills often suppress the pain but strengthening the core may alleviate future disability and pain.
  • Chronic condition management
    • Treating one condition in the presence of comorbidities or behavior health conditions may be the primary driver for the outcome of other condtions.

How do we know we are dealing with a multidimensional problem?  We don't - unless we consider all potential outcome factors and apply empirical or machine learning in the discovery of patterns which can lead to smarter care plans.   This is the challenge and promise of a holistic approach to individual healthcare management.

SoftLogix is currently developing FoundationDx,  a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) based platform which provides automation in the discovery of key factors impacting Business and Healthcare outcomes.