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SoftLOGiX is a technology company that applies computational intelligence in optimization and high-dimensional predictive and classification applications.  Contact us to see if computational intelligence is right for your application.


Financial Portfolio Performance

Stocksaurus® is an end-of-day and delayed intraday signaling system designed for short-term 'Swing' traders that prefer the pace of next day orders over the intensity of day trading. Stocksaurus users view daily trading signals or set-ups within various lists including the S&P500. Its technical trading know-how, along with signal processing and learning algorithms, discovers data patterns that correlate to imminent trends in stock price.

Material Utilization / Waste Reduction

The Optimal Cutting Program is known in the industry as OCP.  OCP helps the steel and aluminum fabrication and construction industries optimize material utilization by generating cutting plans and ordering lists designed to maximize inventory utilization and minimize scrap material.


FoundationDx is a pattern analytics and machine learning service for organizations with limited data science resources.  Business metrics are measured and goals are defined but when it comes to improving outcomes where to start and what to do remain elusive.  FoundationDx identifies the most impactful process factors and how they impact outcomes.


Computational intelligence  is a set of nature-inspired computational methodologies capable of addressing complex real-world problems in which traditional approaches such as linear or statistical modeling, are ineffective or infeasible.


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